After Some Time. . . . . I’m Back.

Hey there! Long time no see. Really. It occurred to me after seeing several other bloggers commenting about this site and the lack of updates that I may actually want to write an article. I never did tell you what happened with my last girlfriend and how all that turned out. Since then I have been mentioned on sites such as, and a rather amusing write up on–the-friend-zone just about me and my latest (at the time) relationship. Here is an excerpt of what they said and I’m flattered:

(A salient and frankly hilarious example of the MRA movement’s lack of self-awareness comes from The site’s 50-year-old author, twincactus, after a series of gleeful posts about his acquisition of a 21-year-old Dominican bride (so compliant! so much better than the American versions!), discovered an awkward truth. “So two days after I got married, I found out my wife may have been cheating on me,” he wrote. Whoops!

“This still doesn’t change my opinion of American women or foreign women,” twincactus avowed. “You just need to be a little careful when choosing.” So careful, in fact, that “a few days” later he had found a new soul mate online. “I found the real love of my life,” he trumpeted. Unfortunately, he continued, “I am having some trouble convincing her to move here to the States with me … I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.”


This was twincactus’s last post. The site hasn’t been updated in over 16 months.)

Well, I think it’s time for an update. In my travels I met yet another traditional Dominican woman, and we hit it off perfectly. She is traditional in every sense of the word – just as if you snatched her out of 1950s America. She respects her man. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the house and she loves doing it. Nothing gets done without asking me first unless it’s normal for the upkeep of the house. And of course, she’s a great Latin lover like most Dominican women. Everything a guy could want in one package.

So we got married. She is actually 40, a bit older than I usually go for, but I swear she looks like she’s in her late 20s. My friends can’t believe it when I tell them her age and they see her picture. She has 2 kids already, not something I would have wanted initially, but her son, 13, lives with his Dad in New Jersey, and daughter Camila, 11, lives with Ana, and will be coming to the states also when the time comes. She is an extremely well behaved kid and intelligent also. For this reason I made an exception and decided to date her despite the pre-made family. I think it was the right choice.

Ana lives in an apartment in the Dominican republic until we get the visa paperwork processed for her and Camila to be able to come to the states. Contrary to popular belief, they can’t just come to the states after you marry them, they have to apply for, and be granted a visa first and the process takes about 6-8 months to complete, so for now the apartment is “our” home away from home. Beats having to stay in an expensive hotel and eat restaurant food. I get clean sheets and home cooked meals the whole time I’m there. What a lady!


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