. . . I made a serious mistake.

OK, so two days after I got married, I found out my new wife may have been cheating on me. I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say I had enough evidence to prove my case. So I suppose I’m getting divorced now. This still doesn’t change my opinion of American women or foreign women. I still think foreign women are where it’s at, you just need to be a little careful when choosing. Truth be told, I rushed into this one and I should have seen it coming. Enough of that, I have moved on.

After being in shock for a few days over what happened, I did what I normally do in these cases – NEXT! I started off looking around on various web sites like womanofthedr.com and it wasn’t long before I found the real love of my life. Of course, I didn’t know it then, but she was definitely a keeper. I have to say, my new girl is very different from the girls I usually date in the Dominican Republic. She is fiercely independent, very self sufficient, and very very sweet. I usually go for a woman who is a bit more dependent on me and maybe even a bit subservient, but Jenn won me over body and soul very quickly. We started talking and within about a week I was already falling for her. Thing is, she speaks English perfectly, although with the sexiest accent you ever heard. She also speaks Italian and Spanish, of course. She works as an administrative assistant for a golf resort in the Dominican Republic. She has an apartment right on the 11th hole, and is within walking distance of the beach. She makes a good salary, much more than most Dominicans do. Still, she treats me like a king and I can’t complain about her at all. Her personality is very laid back, but she is probably the most organized person I have ever seen. We almost never fight, and she doesn’t nag like American women. She’s just a joy to be around in every way.

We’ll see how this all turns out as I am having some trouble convincing her to move here to the states with me. Where most Dominicans would love to come to the USA, she is happy and content there and doesn’t really want to leave her family and friends there. At the same time, I know she really loves me and it is my hope that I can convince her to change her mind. She really wants me to move down there with her, and I have to say it’s really tempting but there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t do that, not the least of which is my child support I have to pay every month. I’m really not sure I could make enough money to pay that if I lived down there. So for now, I’m trying to convince her to move here, but it’s a tough battle to say the least. Guys, if you find a girl like this, you got a great catch. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t want to move, that’s actually a good sign she doesn’t want you just for the visa or your money. As with most foreign women, she is sexy as hell, and keeps herself that way all the time. I don’t have to tell you that she’s great in the bedroom because if you are familiar with Latin women you know that’s a given. Right now, I’m an extremely happy guy, and I don’t see it getting any worse in the future, in fact, it gets better every day. I’ll keep you posted in the next update on how this goes, and remember – if you are unhappy with your naggy American woman, dump her ass and get yourself a wonderful foreign girl and be happy all the time!

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