A true story……

I just returned from getting married in the Dominican Republic. Nothing unusual about that BUT, my new wife is certainly unusual when you compare her to an American woman. First of all, she is 21. So what, you say, many people get married when they are that age. Sure, but not to a 50 year old guy – at least not in the USA anyway. She is perfectly happy to be with me. She really cares about me and loves me like any other wife would do. So much that she does a lot of unusual stuff.

Each morning she WALKS about a half mile down a dirt road to get me my coffee and breakfast. Yep, you heard me right – she walks a half mile every morning before I wake up to bring me fresh, hot coffee and breakfast – and she brings it to me as soon as I get out of bed. What American woman is gonna do THAT? At least what American woman is gonna do that and not complain like hell if they even do it at all? None that I know of. She does loads of other things too. She will ask me several times throughout the day if I am hungry or if I need something to drink………and if I want to have sex too! Wow! How’s that for service guys? If I decide I DO want something to eat or drink she gets it for me and brings it to wherever I am at the time. If there is no Coke or juice in the house and I want some, she’ll either call the colmado across the street or go get it herself. What a WONDERFUL woman! She insisted I let her wash my clothes even though I brought enough on the trip to have clean clothes every day. Oh, and I forgot to mention we don’t have a washing machine yet – she does it BY HAND. Damn, that girl works hard for me. The thing is, ALL of the women here are like this. They do what they need to to please their man, not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to. That, my friend is the big difference between American women and foreign women. Foreign women do these things not because they are a slave to their man as some American women will tell you, but because they ENJOY making him happy. They LIKE to see the smile on his face when they take care of his needs and wants. Think for a minute just exactly what an American woman would say if you asked her to get you a Coke in the middle of the day and you are say, watching some TV program and there’s no Coke in the house. See, the thing is, I don’ even have to ASK her to do any of this, she can seem to tell if I want or need something – like she has a sixth sense or something.

Another thing – keeping the house clean and orderly. My God I have never seen women work so hard in my life as when I am in the Dominican Republic with my wife and her family. I took a nap one afternoon while I was there because I was a bit jet-lagged from the trip only to wake up to the unique smell of the Fabuloso my wife was using to mop all the floors in the house. While i was sleeping she was doing the laundry (by hand) and cleaning the entire house. You might ask what’s so unusual about that but I can tell you it really wasn’t that dirty before she started and having been married to a piggy American woman before, I can tell you this is so very refreshing to see my wife actually enjoying her cleaning and how proud she was after she finished with the job, not to mention the freakin’ place was spotless. If you saw the things she had to work with you could truly appreciate what I’m saying here as the Dominican Republic is basically a third world country and she was working with a broom and a regular old fashioned cotton mop. They don’t have the luxuries down there like the Swiffer wet jet or the Shark steam mop. Everything is done the old fashioned way and by hand, right down to wringing out the mop with their bare hands. Just totally unbelievable.

There were many more things like carrying the groceries and stuff but you get the point. Why in the hell would I want a bitchy old American lady when I can have a young, beautiful woman who caters to my every need? You better believe I’m going to take good care of this lady. Whatever she wants she is going to have. Ladies, take note – THIS is the way to your man’s heart, not bitching. If you want to be pampered, try this approach and see what your man says – or maybe he’ll faint from disbelief.  Nah, I know you won’t, it wouldn’t look good when you sit around in your bitch sessions with your girlfriends complaining about how your man does nothing and gloating over the fact that you withheld sex from him for the past week and a half. Chances are, he’s dreaming of his foreign bride right now and his escape from bitch haven.

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