So, tell me more about these “real” women.

I remember I was sitting in my wife’s house one particular day and her father was sitting aside of the refrigerator. He couldn’t have been more than 3 feet from the fridge. I saw him yell for his wife, who was in the other room cleaning, that he wanted a glass of water – not in a nasty way, but just like “Honey, could you get me a glass of water?”. She willingly came in the room with a smile on her face and got him some water, all the while he was close enough to get his own. Not only did she get him the water, but she ENJOYED doing it for him. That was the first time I was exposed to a “real” woman since growing up at home with my mom. I’m not even sure my mom would have done what my mother-in-law did that day. Since then, my wife willingly does many things for me without complaining and sometimes, like the time I tried to help her mop the floor, she actually gets upset with me if I try to do traditional “ladies work”. Whenever I go to the Dominican Republic, I’m reminded of how things were at one time in America, before Women’s Liberation, before bra burning and “career women”. I always get my food served to me on my plate, and after dinner, coffee is brought to me wherever I may be with a big smile on the ladies’ faces. They respect the man of the house.

Now contrast that with the American woman and you see what I am getting at. In the USA, I would have gotten a “Get your own damn water, you’re sitting right on top of it for Christ’s sake”, or how about when the women get together and talk about how nasty their husbands are and how much they don’t do around the house? Just more of the constant nagging, bitching, complaining crap. They spend more time bitching than they would doing the job in the first place. God forbid you come home from a nasty day at work and try to relax a little. Oh no, it starts as soon as you walk through that door. When are you going to do this and when are you going to finish that and why haven’t you done that thing I asked you to do two days ago, etc. etc. Oh and there’s no sex tonight if you don’t do what I want, and even then I might have a headache or I’m sure I’ll be too tired. Don’t worry, you ain’t gettin’ any tonight for sure. You know what? My Latina wife has never said no the whole time we’ve been married.

If you’re wondering by now what motivates these foreign women to be so different, what makes them work so hard to please their man? One word. Love. Yep, that’s right, they really LOVE their men. To be fair, their men love the women too. They take care of them financially, and physically, making sure they have everything they need to be happy taking care of the household. American women call this “legalized slavery” or even abuse, but the women there do this freely and willingly and actually enjoy taking care of their house and their families. On the other hand, when is the last time you saw an American woman who would be happy doing this? Think about it.

So where are these wonderful girls? How can you get in on some of the action and get rid of that nagging bitch you have now? Will foreign girls even LIKE me? I’m over 50, why would a 20 something beautiful young woman want a bald guy like me with a beer belly? In the next article I’ll tell you just how it is, and how you can have a gorgeous young woman who treats you like a king every day and never says no to you – even if she HAS a headache.

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