After Some Time. . . . . I’m Back.

Hey there! Long time no see. Really. It occurred to me after seeing several other bloggers commenting about this site and the lack of updates that I may actually want to write an article. I never did tell you what happened with my last girlfriend and how all that turned out. Since then I have been mentioned on sites such as, and a rather amusing write up on–the-friend-zone just about me and my latest (at the time) relationship. Here is an excerpt of what they said and I’m flattered:

(A salient and frankly hilarious example of the MRA movement’s lack of self-awareness comes from The site’s 50-year-old author, twincactus, after a series of gleeful posts about his acquisition of a 21-year-old Dominican bride (so compliant! so much better than the American versions!), discovered an awkward truth. “So two days after I got married, I found out my wife may have been cheating on me,” he wrote. Whoops!

“This still doesn’t change my opinion of American women or foreign women,” twincactus avowed. “You just need to be a little careful when choosing.” So careful, in fact, that “a few days” later he had found a new soul mate online. “I found the real love of my life,” he trumpeted. Unfortunately, he continued, “I am having some trouble convincing her to move here to the States with me … I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.”


This was twincactus’s last post. The site hasn’t been updated in over 16 months.)

Well, I think it’s time for an update. In my travels I met yet another traditional Dominican woman, and we hit it off perfectly. She is traditional in every sense of the word – just as if you snatched her out of 1950s America. She respects her man. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the house and she loves doing it. Nothing gets done without asking me first unless it’s normal for the upkeep of the house. And of course, she’s a great Latin lover like most Dominican women. Everything a guy could want in one package.

So we got married. She is actually 40, a bit older than I usually go for, but I swear she looks like she’s in her late 20s. My friends can’t believe it when I tell them her age and they see her picture. She has 2 kids already, not something I would have wanted initially, but her son, 13, lives with his Dad in New Jersey, and daughter Camila, 11, lives with Ana, and will be coming to the states also when the time comes. She is an extremely well behaved kid and intelligent also. For this reason I made an exception and decided to date her despite the pre-made family. I think it was the right choice.

Ana lives in an apartment in the Dominican republic until we get the visa paperwork processed for her and Camila to be able to come to the states. Contrary to popular belief, they can’t just come to the states after you marry them, they have to apply for, and be granted a visa first and the process takes about 6-8 months to complete, so for now the apartment is “our” home away from home. Beats having to stay in an expensive hotel and eat restaurant food. I get clean sheets and home cooked meals the whole time I’m there. What a lady!


. . . I made a serious mistake.

OK, so two days after I got married, I found out my new wife may have been cheating on me. I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say I had enough evidence to prove my case. So I suppose I’m getting divorced now. This still doesn’t change my opinion of American women or foreign women. I still think foreign women are where it’s at, you just need to be a little careful when choosing. Truth be told, I rushed into this one and I should have seen it coming. Enough of that, I have moved on.

After being in shock for a few days over what happened, I did what I normally do in these cases – NEXT! I started off looking around on various web sites like and it wasn’t long before I found the real love of my life. Of course, I didn’t know it then, but she was definitely a keeper. I have to say, my new girl is very different from the girls I usually date in the Dominican Republic. She is fiercely independent, very self sufficient, and very very sweet. I usually go for a woman who is a bit more dependent on me and maybe even a bit subservient, but Jenn won me over body and soul very quickly. We started talking and within about a week I was already falling for her. Thing is, she speaks English perfectly, although with the sexiest accent you ever heard. She also speaks Italian and Spanish, of course. She works as an administrative assistant for a golf resort in the Dominican Republic. She has an apartment right on the 11th hole, and is within walking distance of the beach. She makes a good salary, much more than most Dominicans do. Still, she treats me like a king and I can’t complain about her at all. Her personality is very laid back, but she is probably the most organized person I have ever seen. We almost never fight, and she doesn’t nag like American women. She’s just a joy to be around in every way.

We’ll see how this all turns out as I am having some trouble convincing her to move here to the states with me. Where most Dominicans would love to come to the USA, she is happy and content there and doesn’t really want to leave her family and friends there. At the same time, I know she really loves me and it is my hope that I can convince her to change her mind. She really wants me to move down there with her, and I have to say it’s really tempting but there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t do that, not the least of which is my child support I have to pay every month. I’m really not sure I could make enough money to pay that if I lived down there. So for now, I’m trying to convince her to move here, but it’s a tough battle to say the least. Guys, if you find a girl like this, you got a great catch. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t want to move, that’s actually a good sign she doesn’t want you just for the visa or your money. As with most foreign women, she is sexy as hell, and keeps herself that way all the time. I don’t have to tell you that she’s great in the bedroom because if you are familiar with Latin women you know that’s a given. Right now, I’m an extremely happy guy, and I don’t see it getting any worse in the future, in fact, it gets better every day. I’ll keep you posted in the next update on how this goes, and remember – if you are unhappy with your naggy American woman, dump her ass and get yourself a wonderful foreign girl and be happy all the time!

A true story……

I just returned from getting married in the Dominican Republic. Nothing unusual about that BUT, my new wife is certainly unusual when you compare her to an American woman. First of all, she is 21. So what, you say, many people get married when they are that age. Sure, but not to a 50 year old guy – at least not in the USA anyway. She is perfectly happy to be with me. She really cares about me and loves me like any other wife would do. So much that she does a lot of unusual stuff.

Each morning she WALKS about a half mile down a dirt road to get me my coffee and breakfast. Yep, you heard me right – she walks a half mile every morning before I wake up to bring me fresh, hot coffee and breakfast – and she brings it to me as soon as I get out of bed. What American woman is gonna do THAT? At least what American woman is gonna do that and not complain like hell if they even do it at all? None that I know of. She does loads of other things too. She will ask me several times throughout the day if I am hungry or if I need something to drink………and if I want to have sex too! Wow! How’s that for service guys? If I decide I DO want something to eat or drink she gets it for me and brings it to wherever I am at the time. If there is no Coke or juice in the house and I want some, she’ll either call the colmado across the street or go get it herself. What a WONDERFUL woman! She insisted I let her wash my clothes even though I brought enough on the trip to have clean clothes every day. Oh, and I forgot to mention we don’t have a washing machine yet – she does it BY HAND. Damn, that girl works hard for me. The thing is, ALL of the women here are like this. They do what they need to to please their man, not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to. That, my friend is the big difference between American women and foreign women. Foreign women do these things not because they are a slave to their man as some American women will tell you, but because they ENJOY making him happy. They LIKE to see the smile on his face when they take care of his needs and wants. Think for a minute just exactly what an American woman would say if you asked her to get you a Coke in the middle of the day and you are say, watching some TV program and there’s no Coke in the house. See, the thing is, I don’ even have to ASK her to do any of this, she can seem to tell if I want or need something – like she has a sixth sense or something.

Another thing – keeping the house clean and orderly. My God I have never seen women work so hard in my life as when I am in the Dominican Republic with my wife and her family. I took a nap one afternoon while I was there because I was a bit jet-lagged from the trip only to wake up to the unique smell of the Fabuloso my wife was using to mop all the floors in the house. While i was sleeping she was doing the laundry (by hand) and cleaning the entire house. You might ask what’s so unusual about that but I can tell you it really wasn’t that dirty before she started and having been married to a piggy American woman before, I can tell you this is so very refreshing to see my wife actually enjoying her cleaning and how proud she was after she finished with the job, not to mention the freakin’ place was spotless. If you saw the things she had to work with you could truly appreciate what I’m saying here as the Dominican Republic is basically a third world country and she was working with a broom and a regular old fashioned cotton mop. They don’t have the luxuries down there like the Swiffer wet jet or the Shark steam mop. Everything is done the old fashioned way and by hand, right down to wringing out the mop with their bare hands. Just totally unbelievable.

There were many more things like carrying the groceries and stuff but you get the point. Why in the hell would I want a bitchy old American lady when I can have a young, beautiful woman who caters to my every need? You better believe I’m going to take good care of this lady. Whatever she wants she is going to have. Ladies, take note – THIS is the way to your man’s heart, not bitching. If you want to be pampered, try this approach and see what your man says – or maybe he’ll faint from disbelief.  Nah, I know you won’t, it wouldn’t look good when you sit around in your bitch sessions with your girlfriends complaining about how your man does nothing and gloating over the fact that you withheld sex from him for the past week and a half. Chances are, he’s dreaming of his foreign bride right now and his escape from bitch haven.

So, tell me more about these “real” women.

I remember I was sitting in my wife’s house one particular day and her father was sitting aside of the refrigerator. He couldn’t have been more than 3 feet from the fridge. I saw him yell for his wife, who was in the other room cleaning, that he wanted a glass of water – not in a nasty way, but just like “Honey, could you get me a glass of water?”. She willingly came in the room with a smile on her face and got him some water, all the while he was close enough to get his own. Not only did she get him the water, but she ENJOYED doing it for him. That was the first time I was exposed to a “real” woman since growing up at home with my mom. I’m not even sure my mom would have done what my mother-in-law did that day. Since then, my wife willingly does many things for me without complaining and sometimes, like the time I tried to help her mop the floor, she actually gets upset with me if I try to do traditional “ladies work”. Whenever I go to the Dominican Republic, I’m reminded of how things were at one time in America, before Women’s Liberation, before bra burning and “career women”. I always get my food served to me on my plate, and after dinner, coffee is brought to me wherever I may be with a big smile on the ladies’ faces. They respect the man of the house.

Now contrast that with the American woman and you see what I am getting at. In the USA, I would have gotten a “Get your own damn water, you’re sitting right on top of it for Christ’s sake”, or how about when the women get together and talk about how nasty their husbands are and how much they don’t do around the house? Just more of the constant nagging, bitching, complaining crap. They spend more time bitching than they would doing the job in the first place. God forbid you come home from a nasty day at work and try to relax a little. Oh no, it starts as soon as you walk through that door. When are you going to do this and when are you going to finish that and why haven’t you done that thing I asked you to do two days ago, etc. etc. Oh and there’s no sex tonight if you don’t do what I want, and even then I might have a headache or I’m sure I’ll be too tired. Don’t worry, you ain’t gettin’ any tonight for sure. You know what? My Latina wife has never said no the whole time we’ve been married.

If you’re wondering by now what motivates these foreign women to be so different, what makes them work so hard to please their man? One word. Love. Yep, that’s right, they really LOVE their men. To be fair, their men love the women too. They take care of them financially, and physically, making sure they have everything they need to be happy taking care of the household. American women call this “legalized slavery” or even abuse, but the women there do this freely and willingly and actually enjoy taking care of their house and their families. On the other hand, when is the last time you saw an American woman who would be happy doing this? Think about it.

So where are these wonderful girls? How can you get in on some of the action and get rid of that nagging bitch you have now? Will foreign girls even LIKE me? I’m over 50, why would a 20 something beautiful young woman want a bald guy like me with a beer belly? In the next article I’ll tell you just how it is, and how you can have a gorgeous young woman who treats you like a king every day and never says no to you – even if she HAS a headache.

Who the hell is this guy and what is this all about?

Well, it’s all about how nasty (most) American women can be. It’s about how I found a big secret in foreign women and how you don’t have to put up with that nagging bitch you have right now – even if you’re “too old”. There is a well kept secret out there. Different places on this planet have stashes of REAL women – you know the kind we had in the 1950s. The kind who have your dinner on the table when you get home from a hard day’s work and get you a cold beer when you’re sitting watching your favorite program on TV. The kind who never say no to sex no matter when you’re in the mood. And here’s the catch – they LIKE doing things like this for you. No bitching. No nagging. No headaches. They dress sexy. They act feminine. They LOVE men.

So by now you’re wondering if I’m from another planet or something if you are an American man. If you’re an American woman……well you’re probably pissed – either that or jealous. Nope, this isn’t another planet I’m talking about. This is right here, just not in North America. I’m talking about countries like the Dominican Republic, Japan, most of Asia, and most of South America. How is it we live here and don’t know a thing about all this going on somewhere else? Let me tell you, American women don’t WANT you to know. They don’t want you to leave them and get what you want. They want to continue to eat Bon Bons in front of the afternoon soaps, or they want to take over the corporate office you work in and demand things like daycare in the workplace or restrooms twice the size of your men’s room. Yes guys, you’re in trouble. America has been invaded by the feminist career woman. But there IS salvation for you and I – if you’re just willing to get on a plane and travel a bit.

In the next few articles I’m going to elaborate on how you can share in this bountiful feast of real women. I’ll give you some tips and let you in on the biggest secret going for men who yearn for the days when families were families and the man was head of the household. You can still have that today IF you’re willing to find someone outside of the North American stronghold of feminism. Yes, you CAN escape the bitches. I’ll tell you how in the next article. Stay tuned.